Location & Hours

90 King Street
in the heart of Northampton, Massachusetts

Wednesday-Saturday: 10:00AM-6:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM–5:00PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday

The Retail Shop

features an eclectic mix of beáutiful, vintage, hand-made, and semi-updated furnishings and homewares. In addition to Liz’s original work, the shop also features a curated collection of her favorite things by a variety of local artists and craftspeople.

The Workshop

is a rustic, garage-like space where Liz designs and builds original, custom work- often and whenever possible- from old materials. She also uses the workshop to fix, finish and reimagine a variety of old furniture and materials.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

At the heart of Sticks and Bricks, Liz has manifested her longtime, abiding commitment to sustainability on a localized, community level. Through restoring and reimagining old materials, Sticks and Bricks provides an accessible alternative to the pollution, deforestation and poor labor practices of corporatized, assembly-line furniture made for big box stores. By reusing old, reclaimed materials, Liz’s work is playful and personal, and also functional- artifacts that have been gathered, built, and reimagined across time and space. An original piece of Stick and Bricks furniture adds character and story to any home.

Meet Liz

Sticks and Bricks is the culmination and intersection of Liz’s lifelong passions- design, artisan craftsmanship, sustainability and figuring out how things work. She opened Sticks and Bricks in 2008 after years of carpentry, repair work, and hobby design, craft and furniture-making on her back porch.