Legs from a century old sewing machine. Outdated industrial machine parts and antique knobs. Reclaimed barn boards. Old dressers stashed away for decades in an attic or basement.

Sticks and Bricks is more than a custom furniture workshop. The space is a window into the compact universe of a creative mind. Liz Karney’s vision shines through the windows of the showroom into the streets of downtown. From the neat stacks of salvaged wood outside, to the craftily arranged patio and garden, or the custom furniture in the AirBnb apartments- Sticks and Bricks look, feel, function, and form are all encompassing


Exit through the sawdust and light beams of the workshop into the backyard patio, where the brick red patio complements the lush greenery of The Garden.

In addition to the work shop and studio showroom, the property at 9 Market Street has two Airbnb apartments: the upstairs, two bedroom apartment (Sticks and Bricks House) and the back-of-the-building, one bedroom apartment (The Guest House)

Come stay in one of our living showrooms and enjoy the spaces designed and furnished by Liz Karney of Sticks and Bricks. Take a tour of downtown Northampton, where you can find inspiration in the creative local culture, and you might run in to more work by Liz.

The Roost

Walking off the downtown street into the fresh aromas of that morning’s coffee and baked goods, accentuated by the stylish look and authentic atmosphere of The Roost, is an experience worth indulging.

The Roost is located at 1 Market Street just a few doors down from Sticks and Bricks. The interior of this local coffee shop was designed by Liz, with a majority of the furniture, lighting, accents, and accessories sourced from the Sticks and Bricks shop.

Do you have an interior design project of your own in mind? Drop us a line!