How does ordering custom furniture work?
We offer two approaches to ordering a custom piece.

Option 1
The first option assumes you have a pretty clear idea of what you are looking for in terms of design. You don’t need Liz to design something custom for you. You know the style, general materials you would like used, a sense of the dimensions needed, etc.

It may be an existing design you’ve chosen from our custom section, you may have a design from an architect/interior designer, or maybe you’ve drawn something up yourself! Liz is happy to answer any questions about wood choice or finish options.
Once we have received all pertinent information, we will calculate an estimate and a timeline based on that information.

If it turns out you have more questions, or want more design input from Liz about your custom design, we move into Option 2:
The second approach offers a custom design consultation.

A consultation costs a one time fee of $150 and lasts for up to an hour. This gives you the opportunity to meet one on one with Liz to come up with a custom design that is totally unique to you and tailored to your lifestyle!
This meeting can happen in your home, in the shop, over email- you name it! Liz will make you a drawing to scale and give you a general project estimate, given all the relevant considerations.
This process and your fee includes a short series of back and forths to discuss the drawing & timeline, and includes one round of drawing modifications. Of course, we don’t want to limit your imagination! If you want to keep dreaming and scheming, Liz is happy to work with you on the design process for as long as you need.

All additional work is billed at $75/hr.

In either case, once all design decisions are finalized, we’ll ask for a non-refundable 25% deposit in order to add you to our custom queue. From the point of deposit, your project is added to our current project list, which typically sits at 10-12 weeks to completion.

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