Questions about materials and processes, how to purchase, or how our custom order protocol really works? Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions.


Can I buy something straight from your website?

We don’t offer online shopping quite yet, but if you see something that you would like to purchase, we are happy to send an invoice! Inquire with your item description at hello@sticksandbricksshop.com, or here! You can also purchase an item from our website through the phone! Give the shop a call at 413-586-1560 during open hours.

How do I make an immediate purchase off of your showroom floor?

Visit the shop section of our home page to view the pieces for sale on our showroom floor! If you don’t live locally, feel free to call during open hours, request an invoice via email, or stop in to purchase!

Can I put an item on hold?

We are happy to hold items for up to one week with a deposit of 25% of said item.
If within one week,  you decide not to purchase the item, you have the option to take the 25% in store credit, or to get a full refund and pay a restocking fee of 10%.
No refunds or store credit will be given beyond one week from your date of deposit.

What is you return policy?

We are happy to accept returned items for up to one week beyond your purchase. You have the choice of taking full store credit, or taking a full refund and paying a restocking fee of 10%.
No refunds or store credit will be given beyond one week from your date of purchase.

Custom Design & Furniture

How much does it cost to get a custom piece?

Pricing is determined by cost of materials and time spent on project. Shoot us an email to get started on an estimate!

How does ordering custom furniture work?

There are two approaches to ordering a custom piece.

1. The first approach assumes you have a pretty clear idea of what you are looking for. You will not need Liz to design something custom for you. You know the style and general materials you’d like used. This may be something you’ve seen in the custom section of our website. You may have a design from an architect/interior designer or you’ve drawn something up yourself.  Send us your drawings and all pertinent information and from there, Liz is happy to answer any questions- Like, which wood to choose and finish options. Once all the general design decisions have been determined, Liz will give you a general project estimate.

If it turns out you have more questions about your custom design we move into the second option:

2. A custom design consultation. This option gives clients the opportunity to meet one on one with Liz for a custom design and costs $150. This consultation can happen in your home, in our shop, over email- you name it! Liz will make you a drawing to scale and give a general estimate given all the relevant considerations.

One consultation includes a 1-2 hour meeting about the project, a short series of back and forths to discuss the drawing Liz made up for the project, and a timeline and estimate. If needed, one round of drawing modifications is also included.

Of course, we don’t want to limit your imagination! If you want to keep dreaming and scheming, Liz is happy to work with you on the design process for as long as you need. All additional design work is billed at 75$/hr.

Every custom project requires a 25% deposit of the given estimate in order to be added to the custom work queue. Projects generally take 8-10 weeks to complete after the deposit has been made.

What if I like parts of multiple pieces of furniture listed on your website and want a few of these aspects in my own custom piece?

Try us! If you want to mix and match ideas from various pieces by Liz, we would enter a design consultation in which a culmination of those pieces would be turned into a custom design that works for you. Read our “How Does Ordering Custom Furniture Work?” section for more information on this process.

I really like the work Liz does, but I don’t see anything on the website that is exactly right for me…

If you have a vision of what you want and it isn’t something you’ve seen us make, shoot us an email! Liz can help you figure out exactly what is right for you and your space.

What if I’m just not sure what i need- can Liz come to my house and give me some ideas?

Absolutely! Liz can come to your space for a one-on-one session on all things design. Custom furniture, styling, overall layout- you name it! The rate for a home design visit is $150 for an initial consult, which usually lasts an hour, and Liz will follow up with a summary of the ideas she suggests for you. If this meeting turns out to be just the beginning, Liz is happy to work with you for as long as you’d like! Scale drawings, product recommendations, you name it. Additional work is billed at 75$/hr. Call or email us to schedule a meeting!

What if I have an existing piece of furniture or wood that I would like made into a new piece?

Liz has converted many existing furniture pieces into modern recreations! Send us an email with some photos and ideas and the budget you are working with- We’ll set up a design consultation to determine the best way to give your treasures a new life!

How long does it normally take for custom work to be completed?

From the point of deposit, the average timeline for a piece is 8-10 weeks, although this is very dependent on the other work in queue, the piece of furniture you’re looking for, and the materials being sourced.

Can I have Liz design a piece and then take that design to a different builder?

Absolutely! This would follow the same process as a custom design consultation. In all custom designs, the client has the opportunity to take the final drawing to another builder.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We deliver locally and often beyond. Rates vary by distance, size of delivery, etc.