Thin Traditional Dining Table


  • Sticks and Bricks 1 inch farm table
  • Sticks and Bricks northampton custom 1 inch farm table
  • Sticks and Bricks 1 inch farm table
  • Sticks and Bricks 1 inch farm table

Available for Custom Order $1150 – $1800

Can be custom made with variable wood and to almost any size.

With all custom traditional dining table orders, we start here!
This is the most basic and simple traditional farm table Sticks & Bricks offers; The boards are left rustic and unlaminated (any gaps between boards and holes in the surface of the wood are left as is).

This perfectly imperfect dining table can be “upgraded” to have thicker wood, laminated boards, breadboards thick or thin, tapered legs, handcrafted butterflies, and even a bench!
Need a little extra help with your custom order? Consider a custom consultation! Learn more on our “How it Works” page on the Custom drop down menu.

Thick Traditional Table | Thin Breadboards

sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table
  • sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table
  • sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table
  • sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table
  • sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table
  • sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table
  • sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table
  • sticks and bricks 2 inch farm table

Custom Order Starts at $1800

Made of reclaimed pine salvaged from our client’s own home renovation, this thick traditional dining table is a great example of laminated wood (holes & gaps filled), and thin breadboards.
We’ve paired it here with the Rialto Chair by Roost for a contemporary touch- You can see them here.

Salvaged Parts Lamp


Another lamp made out of unlikely materials!
This time, Liz used a salvaged drum body and three vintage rolling pins. Yes, you read that right!

Wired up with a neutral cloth covered wire from our friends at Sundial Wire and a sleek pull chain.

45.5″ height
16″ shade diameter

Small chest of drawers


This sweet little chest of drawers was made out of salvaged and excess materials from past projects. Two vintage drawers and a small cubby make for a simple, one of a kind, and zero waste storage solution!

Looking for a little more storage room? Check out our Repurposed Chest of Drawers!

36″ x 14.5″ x 18″
Drawers: 25″ x 12″ x 5.25″
Cubby: 7.25″ x 13.5″ x 13″

Barn Brace Bench


Sometimes Liz comes across amazing materials like this barn brace and can instantly visualize how a piece will come together. In this case, she let the hand hewn, salvaged wood speak for itself and added some simple legs- turned in house!

70.5″ x 7.5″ x 13″

Traditional Dining Table | Matching Bench

Available for Custom Order

Looking to order an accompanying bench with your custom traditional dining table?
View some of the examples above to start!
Whether you’re ordering a thin or thick farm table, or you need the legs tapered to match- Liz hand crafts all benches using the same material sourced for the table itself, ensuring a perfect pair.

Feeling inspired by this custom table and bench set? Send us an email about your own custom farm table!
View our other custom traditional dining tables for more inspiration, or check out our shop section for pieces available for immediate purchase!

Oak Coffee Table

$340 | Two Available

Simple, clean, modern.
These oak coffee tables were a lucky auction find and man, are we swooning!
We styled one with our Leather Daybed, a vintage metal tray, and a few vases from our favorite local ceramicist, Taylor Ceramics.
53″ x 19.5″ x 12″

Love everything but the look or height of the legs? Ask us about getting some height with a new set of table legs!

Upholstered Carpet Daybed

$1050 SALE! $840

Another dreamy daybed!
This upholstered carpet daybed features Morroccan carpet with knotted camel hair accents.
We love this as a true daybed, an end-of-the-bed bench, or for anything that would give us an excuse to sit on it all day long. Stop in and try it out yourself!
Check out our leather version, too!

64″ x 2′ x 16.5″

Reclaimed Credenza

  • sticks and bricks reclaimed credenza

Available for Custom Order

A custom piece like our Reclaimed Credenza can be ordered to any dimension and still have some of the classic Sticks & Bricks features- Like a live edge, hand cut angle iron butterflies, and some beautifully rustic reclaimed wood. Or, use this design as a starting point for a custom piece that works for you!

Send us an email and inquire about one, today!

Medium Cowhide

sticks and bricks medium cow skin image
  • sticks and bricks medium cow skin image

$600 SALE! $550

We knew we were weak for perfectly aged vintage textiles, but vintage cowhides are a new realm of awe for us.
We love these layered with other rugs, on their own, or even hanging!
Surpirisingly easy to keep up with and a serious upgrade for any space.

Widest points 7’5″ x 5’7″