Small Turned Bowl


Having a custom furniture workshop means lots of scrap materials. Liz made this perfectly imperfect turned bowl out of some excess wood we had laying around. Perfect for your airplants, keys, or jewelry!

Small Yellow Croc


Another vintage croc perfect for those kitchen utensils- or that dried arrangement from your local florist that you just can’t get rid of!

8″ x 5.5″ (mouth opening 3.75″)

Charlie Tote in Textured Tan


A tan and black leather “Charlie Tote” by Zoe Johnson Handmade with copper accents.
Each bag offers soft leather that gets better and better with age, an outer pocket, and an inner fabric pocket.

12″ (base length) x 4″ (base depth) x 13″ (height)
7″ x 7.75″ (exterior pocket)
8″ x 7.75″ (interior pocket)

Copper Island


This island features a copper top with just the right amount of patina and a custom pipe base. Perfect as an indoor or an outdoor surface!

48.5″ x 3′ x 33″

Concrete Pedestal Table


We’re lucky to be located in an area full of makers and artists like Stone Soup Concrete. They made us this beautifully crisp white concrete surface. Liz paired it with an intricately carved vintage cast iron pedestal base.

29.5″ h x 30″ d

Butterfly Chairs with Hide Covers

$300 Each | 2 Available SALE! $240

These vintage butterfly chair frames got a serious update with some handmade covers made from cowhide by Liz!
Because these frames are vintage and handmade, their measurements vary slightly.

All chairs measure roughly:
35″ x 24″ x 33″

Vintage 8 Gallon Crock


This vintage 8 gallon crock with handles has that rustic charm we absolutely love in old pottery.

13.5″ (outside D.)
12″ (inside D.)
16″ (H)