Stay, Live, Play

Exiting through the sawdust and light beams of the workshop reveals the brick patio and lush greenery of The Garden. Behind the building is The Guesthouse, and above the storefront is the Sticks and Bricks House, both short-term rental apartments managed by Liz.


In addition to the work shop and studio showroom, the property at 9 Market Street has two new Airbnb apartments: the upstairs, two bedroom apartment (Sticks and Bricks House) and the back-of-the-building, one bedroom apartment (The Guest House)

Come stay in one of our living showrooms and enjoy the spaces designed and furnished by Liz Karney of Sticks and Bricks. Take a tour of downtown Northampton, where you can find inspiration in the creative local culture, and you might run in to more work by Liz.