Cedar and Fir Big Beam Blocks

$225 Each

A new generation of big beam blocks! Liz used both fir with a white stain and cedar this time, adding beautifully handcut metal butterflies. On wheels, like our original series of Big Beam Blocks, these blocks are functional in an endless number of ways.
The following measurements are in order from left to right in group photo:
Fir with white stain, 17 x 12 x 17
Fir with white stain, 12 x 11 x 29.5
Cedar, 22.5 x 9.75 x 18.5

Live Edge Console Table (Large)


This version of our Live Edge Console Table has some seriously special attributes. Liz handmade two metal butterflies out of angle iron and legs out of scrap table legs. The unique live edge top is what brings this piece all together! Love this piece but it feels a little large for your space? Check out our small Live Edge Console Table!

Pedestal Table*

liz karney sticks and bricks custom furniture


Don’t be fooled by our large statement pieces- Sticks & Bricks carries a range of furniture for your space, regardless of its size limitations. (We’re looking at you, downtown Northampton!) This pedestal table is a perfect example of that. The intricate metal base gives this table a presence, while the 1″ thick wood top maintains a light, streamlined feel- perfect for a small, cozy space.
29 x 33.5 diam


Butcher Block Island*

Custom Order Beginning at $650

Let this inspire you to dream up your own island. We’ll find (or make) the perfect top for you, complete with pipe base and rope shelves.
This old butcher block couldn’t have been turned into anything else. Using  1″ pipe, manila rope and oak boards, Liz was able to add handsome function to what may have otherwise become scrap wood.

Classic Farm Table

Custom Order Starting at $1100

Can be custom made with variable wood and to almost any size.
Reclaimed oak, maple and pine from an old grain warehouse. It’s the kind of table meant for real life, imperfectly perfect.

Angle Iron Table

Angle Iron Table

[Available by custom order]

This beauty can be custom made with any dimensions and wood. Our local metal worker made this frame out of 1.5″ steel angle iron with diagonal tension cables for stability and class. We used black walnut and an oil based finish, but it could be *anything*.