tripod lamp

Tripod Lamp 3

This sweet tripod lamp has all sorts of lovely features. The hand-stitched shade was made by Designer Kim Rosen of Fayce Textiles. The cloth covered wire used is from Sundial Wire, which helps it retain the tripod’s retro look while assuring modern standards for this dimmable antique brass fixture. The vintage tripod base is from Blair Camera in Boston. To top it all off the height of this beauty can be adjusted from approx. 55″-70″ tall.

This tripod lamp is the whole package. It has all the charm of the past made timeless by modern updates.

fancy brass lamp

you may already know this about me: I hoard things- especially when they have a nice patina. this lamp has a very nice patina. I’m (probably) selling it anyway, even with this gorgeous red green copper and satisfying switch in the base. it would look great in my front hall (it would really be perfect) or in the guest room. I’m selling it. this is my job and I can’t keep everything (right?).

stands 23″ tall. all new wiring and socket from sundial.


tall table lamp

to make a simple (ok, not that simple) lamp, there are lots of hidden steps. the base is an from an old sewing machine, tapped so it can stand on machine screws and leave room for the cord. the stem is made from all sorts of plumbing parts, with a little flair from an industrial spring. The shade is radiator cover held together with brass rivets and the tiniest bit of wire. the socket and wire are all sourced from sundial.

43″ tall

when it is on at night, it makes the best shadows.

Lots of Hanging Tin Can Lamps!

What an amazing spring this has been! I just love this time of year, the leaves are so green, the flowers so special. Life just smells good. In that spirit I have been rearranging my outdoor space and setting up umbrellas and hammocks and lights for perfect summer evenings. When I saw these old bait buckets at an auction I just knew I had to make them into hanging lamps. Now it’s just a question of where to hang them ;).