The Food Temple Sign



This is a seriously special piece. Found in a basement here on Market Street in downtown Northampton, this 13 foot long wooden sign hung outside of ‘The Food Temple’- a grocery store- on what was Pleasant Street in 1923! Underneath the green text are the words ‘Reardon’s Grocery,’ which we know predates ‘The Food Temple,’ though by how many years we don’t know! Beauitfully preserved and full of local history- just how we like it!!
13 ft x 20 in.

Metal Base School Chairs


A classic combination of vintage charm and modern sensibility is plain old irresistible to us here at Sticks and Bricks. That’s why Liz came up with the idea to design sleek metal bases to give tiny wooden school chairs a new life. We currently have four available.
Have a chair you could totally see working with our base? Shoot us an email!
24.5 ” base height.

Pedestal Table

liz karney sticks and bricks custom furniture


Don’t be fooled by our large statement pieces- Sticks & Bricks carries a range of furniture for your space, regardless of its size limitations. (We’re looking at you, downtown Northampton!) This pedestal table is a perfect example of that. The intricate metal base gives this table a presence, while the 1″ thick wood top maintains a light, streamlined feel- perfect for a small, cozy space.
29 x 33.5 diam


1920’s French Club Chair

liz karney sticks and bricks custom furniture


Can you think of a more handsome leather chair? We can’t, either. This original 20’s brown leather is perfectly worn, though we added a new cushion for a more comfortable experience. It’s all about the details with this chair; check out those pleated arms!  This unique find is a perfect example of the vintage selection we keep in the shop.
31 x 29 x 33