Mid Century Modern Slingback Chairs


This pair of Mid Century Modern sling back chairs feature new leather straps and original tufted canvas. On your porch, in your living room- either way, this pair provides comfort and a clean look. Stop in and give them a try!
Taller chair- total height 32″, total depth 31″, total width 28″
Shorter chair- total height 27″, total depth 29″, total width 26″

Midcentury Modern Leather Chair

liz karney sticks and bricks northampton gio ponti reupholstered chair eames era vintage westernmass


Our neighbors at Tack Upholstery Studio reupholstered this beautiful vintage Gio Ponti chair for us in a light and warm genuine leather. The Midcentury Modern, Eames era design is simple, clean, and so comfortable (we’ve tested it). Swing by the shop to try it yourself!
Seat height 18″, back height 31″, chair width 23″

Variety of Glass Pendants

In order from left to right in first photo:
$160, SOLD, $170, $160

We love they way these pendants all look together- The mismatched shades and brass hardware feel both elegant and unusual when grouped, but we love the uniqueness of each one on their own, too! Each pendant can be wired into ceiling or as a plug.
In order: 10″ from base to tip, 11″, 10″, 10″

Minimal White Pendant


This is a seriously minimalistic pendant! The sleek, white cylinder shade against a tiny sliver of dark, smooth wood and just a touch of hardware make this a statement lighting piece without being too loud. With an already wired plug, we think this pendant could work in so many different ways.
4 diam x 13 height to chord

Cedar and Fir Big Beam Blocks

$225 Each

A new generation of big beam blocks! Liz used both fir with a white stain and cedar this time, adding beautifully handcut metal butterflies. On wheels, like our original series of Big Beam Blocks, these blocks are functional in an endless number of ways.
The following measurements are in order from left to right in group photo:
Fir with white stain, 17 x 12 x 17
Fir with white stain, 12 x 11 x 29.5
Cedar, 22.5 x 9.75 x 18.5

Live Edge Console Table (Large)


This version of our Live Edge Console Table has some seriously special attributes. Liz handmade two metal butterflies out of angle iron and legs out of scrap table legs. The unique live edge top is what brings this piece all together! Love this piece but it feels a little large for your space? Check out our small Live Edge Console Table!