Sticks and Bricks is a design and build shop located at 9 Market Street in Northampton. This unique workshop and retail space makes one-of-a-kind furniture- often from old, under-used and reclaimed materials. Liz Karney and her friend, co-designer, and principal collaborator and space-sharer Justin Brown fill the shop with dressers, sideboards, kitchen tables, lamps, chairs and an endless array of home furnishings that double as functional art.

The retail side of Sticks and Bricks is primarily filled with Liz and Justin’s furniture, though there is also work on display by dozens of other artists and craftspeople. While Liz and Justin spend their days making furniture for the shop, they have to balance their shop production with a steady stream of custom work for customers from all over the Pioneer Valley and beyond.  Their services range from making custom furniture to exact specifications to offering in-home design consultations.

While they will sometimes have to use new materials to make a custom piece, Liz and Justin mostly work with and are inspired by materials that are relics from another time and place. Legs from an old sewing machine. Old industrial machine parts. Hinges. Knobs. Reclaimed barn board. Old dressers stashed away for decades in an attic or basement. These are the materials that Liz and Justin have a knack for finding, re-imagining, taking apart and repurposing into something entirely new. Their pieces fuse the rich history and character of the past with a modern sensibility.  They are original, beautiful, well-made pieces of art that are, at the same time, highly functional for every room in the home.