Stacked Wood Coffee Table

this piece is so sturdy and good looking it is essentially boundless in its potential uses. it serves perfectly as a small coffee table with a sheet meal surface that has achieved a lifetime of patina, means you couldn’t leave a stain if you tried. the legs are from a cast iron stove, so sturdy you can stand on it, or sit on it as a bench at the foot of your bed. and finally, the top swings out to reveal hidden storage space, a plus whether you’re hiding things, or just hiding that your storing them.

Small Simple Storage

Available for Custom Order

This board had such a perfect patina that I hoarded it for over three years! It finally got it’s time in the spotlight as the door to this simple storage cabinet. Maple veneer with white stain, modern lines and brass hardware. I love making boxed cabinets that showcase beautiful boards. they can be modified to fit your taste and needs: color, dimensions, drawers, etc. clean, elegant, perfect. This specific piece is no longer available, but rest assured my workshop is full of special pieces I’ve been saving. Inquire about them, today!